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Android TextWatcher Example

Android TextWatcher Example TextWatcher in android is used to get instant insert into EditText. TextWatcher has three method those need to override in our application. 1.  afterTextChanged (Editable s) 2. beforeTextChanged (CharSequence s, int start, int count, int after) 3. ...

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android json parser

Android JSON Parser

Android JSON Parser The meaning of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. Mainly JSON use for data-interchange. It is easy for humans to read and write. JSON data use as bridge between android and remote database. Here we are going to...

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android sharedpreferences

Android Sharedpreferences Example

Android Sharedpreferences Example SharedPreferences is an Interface in android. SharedPreferences is use as like as session in android. We can save data in SharedPreferences and use or update throughout the application. In this tutorial take an Activity class named SharedActivity...

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csv parse

Android CSV Reader

Android CSV Reader In some android application, comma-separated values (CSV) is also called character separated values need to parse and retrieve data from csv. In this tutorial we are going to learn how read csv file from assets file and...

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Android calendar view

Android calendar view Hi friends today we are going to learn android custom calendar view. Here we show our events in list and those events in our custom calendar. Click on calendar button to see the events in calendar. The...

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navigation drawer in android,google drawer,android drawer menu,custom android drawer

Android navigation drawer with no action bar

Android navigation drawer with no action bar We already learn navigation drawer in android, there we use android Action bar but in this tutorial we are going to learn how drawer open and close under a button click in android....

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Android navigation drawer

Android navigation drawer DrawerLayout is a layout that hide most of the time and user swipes finger from the left edge of the screen and it’s come out and push in. In this tutorial we are going to learn DrawerLayout...

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google front support in android

Font Style For Android

Font Style For Android In this tutorial we are going to learn how support google font in android. In asserts folder we take .ttf file. We have taken here eight different font file to show different style in font in...

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start app at boot time

Android Autostart App

Android Autostart App If we make a security application of android we need to implement start application at boot time functionality using BroadcastReceiver class and add BroadcastReceiver to manifest file like screenshot below.   So friends today we are going...

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