How to Install android sdk in eclipse

Hi friends this my first tutorials,I am sharing here my personal experience as a developer.This tutorials for beginners. I discuss today How to install sdk with eclipse IDE.

1. First Download eclipse IDE from Here( I will recommend to download eclipse juno or indigo for beginners.
2. Unzip the eclipse file and find out the eclipse starter named “eclipse.exe”, Right-click on ‘eclipse.exe’ and select option “Send To”--> “Desktop (create shortcut)”. This will create a new shortcut on your desktop that will point to the eclipse.exe file. Double click on it. When open eclipse first time it demand path for workspace, just set a path in your pc.click_eclipse
After open the IDE,cross the welcome screen.
3. Now install ADT(Android Developer Tools). you can download separately ADT zip file( or directly install from link(
Go to “help” option of eclipse and select “Install New Software”


Now if you want to pre-downloaded zip adt file,just drag and drop on the popup window.


Otherwise click on “add” option and put a name something like “ADT- plugin” or anything else and give the link( Ok. Leave It to install.It may take several minutes.

4. Check the “Developer Tools”. Click ‘Next’ to display the list of tools that will be downloaded. Click ‘Next’ button again it open license agreements. Read agreements and then click finish.


when the finished downloading and installing, restart Eclipse .

5. Now set path of sdk to eclipse. After the installation of the ADT the Eclipse IDE allows to download the android SDK automatically,but you can download the android SDK from the Android SDK download page( go to that page and scroll down,you get the download link of sdk. choose and download android sdk.



To set SDK path go ‘window -> preferences

select android from left-list and browse sdk path from pc then click “Apply”

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