Put file to emulator sd card

Sometimes we need to access file from sd card of emulator in android. If you are using Eclipse you can move files to and from the SD Card through the DDMS in Eclipse, just go to the “Window” tab and select “Open perspective” and click DDMS as shown in image below.


Just select the Emulator in the left part of the screen and then choose the File Explorer tab. Above the list with your files should be two symbols, one with an arrow pointing at a phone, clicking this will allow you to choose a file to move to sd card.

sometime it create problem of permission show in images. if the sd card folder show ‘d---------’

it means it have permission problem you need to increase memory size from AVD manager and need to read how to create AVD in android.

if the sd card show the permission like below image,


then it’s ok.

now click push button show in screen and select file from your pc.the file size should not be greater than emulator sd card size.

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